Milner Hall

Milner Hall

Limelite and Tempo PCE lay the foundations of a perfect partnership

Choosing a credible supplier, as well as a high-quality product, can form a mutually beneficial partnership – especially when it comes to challenging remedial work for historic sites. Tarmac’s Limelite team and specialist low-pressure grout injection company Tempo PCE have done just that.

The challenge

Milner Hall, a former chapel in Winchester, is one of the oldest structures in the city and a building of great architectural and religious importance. Built by the Reverend John Milner in 1792, the hall is now used for community events and meetings.

In addition to the significant heritage of Milner Hall, an X-ray of the western elevation found a number of voids in the foundation due to hundreds of years of water damage. What’s more, part of an inadequate retaining wall had collapsed onto the same elevation, with the potential to cause further damage if left untreated.

When Tarmac’s Limelite team was approached regarding the Milner Hall project, they instantly recommended Tempo PCE who they’d successfully worked with a number of times.

The solution

Tempo PCE commonly chooses Limelite Heritage Grout Winchester for its projects; a cement free, hydraulic lime based grout that’s specially designed for listed buildings and ancient structures such as churches, halls and castles.

This was the ideal product to suit the needs of Milner Hall where the grout would need to be injected at a low pressure from the outside, directly filling the internal voids.

Tom Phillips, Director of Tempo PCE, said: “We regularly use Limelite products and Limelite Heritage Grout Winchester was ideal for the work required at Milner Hall. The technical support they offer is incredibly valuable, as well as their reach and industry-reputation.

“We strive to only work with manufacturers who can offer value and work with us as partners to ensure the best possible product is provided for a strong finish. We certainly get that with Tarmac’s Limelite team.”

James Warwick, Technical Manager for Tarmac’s Limelite range, added: “Historic structures often present suppliers with a wide number of challenges when it comes to the specification of suitable materials, and their subsequent installation.

“In the case of the work at Milner Hall, the requirement was for a fluid, low-strength grout that would stabilise the void in the masonry of this Grade II listed building. The Limelite Heritage Grout system provided a breathable low-density solution for these works.

“Given the often delicate nature of period and historical structural repair projects, working with dedicated and knowledgeable contractors is essential to achieving the correct end result. Tempo PCE completed the works at Milner Hall utilising their extensive application skills with the Limelite Grout, delivering a much-needed structural support to the building’s foundations which should add many more years to its operational life.”

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