Bespoke Material Designs for Construction

and Civil Engineering

Custom Designed
Grouts, Mortars,
Concretes and
Water Seals

Pozament's technical experts can develop a customised product or engineer an existing product to the needs of your project. This can include designing in specific performance characteristics such as grouts or mortars with high compressive strength, fast setting times, rapid strength gain, enhanced flow characteristics and improved resistance to certain chemicals or ground conditions. This helps consultants and their clients to develop solutions for the needs of the specific project challenges or site conditions.


Our laboratory is staffed by expert technicians with access to a wide selection of raw materials and comprehensive testing facilities. They are able to draw on the experience of designing material solutions for other challenging projects. This means that if clients encounter challenging specifications or site conditions and off the shelf materials won’t work, they can develop and test a bespoke construction material that will solve the problem.



A network of Technical Sales Managers are able to help clients find the right material for their needs. Where a custom designed material is needed they can also work with the client to define the exact performance requirement.


Where clients require a custom designed grout, mortar or concrete mix our industry-leading research and development team formulates each product individually, down to the last detail. This allows us to create a solution that is specially adapted to your project conditions, taking into account everything from setting speed to strength requirements to workability.


Once we have achieved the perfect formulation we test each product before it leaves the factory. Our quality control regime exceeds regulatory requirements to ensure that each bag you receive performs exactly as intended.
Supplying materials to landmark projects

At Pozament, we have an impressive track record of supplying specialist materials to some of the most challenging construction projects of recent decades. This includes such iconic projects as the Channel Tunnel, London’s Crossrail project, the Leadenhall Building also known as the ‘Cheese Grater’ and The Shard the tallest building in Western Europe.

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