Strataseal is a light coloured, free flowing, fine powder, is non- combustible and easily mixed in water by most available mixers. It does not represent any explosive hazard, nor release any harmful vapour at any time.

The hazard of spontaneous combustion in coal mines is controlled by the use of specialised sealants, of which Strataseal is the latest development approved under the UK Coal non-metallic scheme, Ref: no: A2824.

Areas of high heating risk can occur behind advancing faces and the prevention of air ingress to such areas is an essential safety precaution.

Strataseal, as the name suggests, does just that. It is a single shot powder, which when mixed with water yields a high volume of flexible gel which penetrates readily into fissures and voids to eliminate the movement of air. In so doing it prevents, “heating”, damps down hot zones and minimises the oxidation of coal waste.


Ventilation leakage control through face startlines, strata faulting, roof breaks, inadequate packs/stoppings and face finish lines. Sealing voids, fissures, tunnel linings, borehole casings etc.

Suitable for use in areas of potential chemical attack.

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