Steel Primer

Cemrok Steel Primer is a pre-blended powder containing acrylic polymers and anti-corrosion agents in a cementitious base.


Cemrok Steel Primer has been designed as a bond enhancing coating for priming corroded steel reinforcement prior to the application of a Cemrok concrete repair material.

The application of the Steel Primer ensures both maximum protection to the steel and full compatibility with the rest of the reinforced concrete.

Special Properties

  • Single component – easy to use.
  • Non toxic – safe to use.
  • Designed to match the electrical resistivity of structural concrete.
  • Cemrok/Steel Primer will not form a barrier to electrolyte migration and is suitable for cathodic protection works.
  • Contains no chlorides or carbon particle dispersions.
  • Alkaline in nature, will increase passive protection to the reinforcement.
  • Contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor.
  • Being permeable to pore electrolytes the primer will not create corrosion cells upon the reinforcement

Product Downloads

Steel Primer technical spec sheet
Steel Primer Material Safety Datasheet
Steel Primer

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