Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout

Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout is a cement-free grout designed to be used as a void filler in listed monuments and historic buildings where minimal strength is required.

When mixed at the optimal WSR LPB221 has excellent fluidity and a high yield.


LPB221 is designed for filling voids in open textured rubble filled walls using gravity fed or injection systems. This operation is normally needed when thick walls of double skin construction with rubble core filling have been subjected to the percolation of water over many years. This washing action removes weak mortar thereby creating voids or allowing the loose fill to accumulate at the base of the wall causing a cracking, bulging or displacement of stones.

The grout can also be used for general void filling where a minimal strength and the absence of cement is required.

A detailed investigation of the structure is always recommended prior to grouting especially where large areas are involved.


  • Low Density – lower stresses are put onto the structure.
  • High Yield – approximately 3m3 of mixed grout per tonne.
  • Gradual Strength Generation – reduces strain on the structure.
  • High Fluidity to achieve maximum penetration into the substrate
  • High Flexibility

Product Downloads

Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout Brochure
Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout technical spec sheet
Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout Material Safety Datasheet
Limelite LPB221 Heritage Grout

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