Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime is a fine white dry powder that is manufactured by reacting Calcium Oxide with water and then air classifying to produce a product complying with BS EN 459-1:2001 ‘Building Lime’.

Hydrated Lime is also known as Slaked Lime or Calcium Hydroxide.


Hydrated Lime has many industrial uses but in the building sector it is used as a key binding and plasticising ingredient in building mortars.

Guidance on suitable building mortars containing Hydrated Lime can be found in B.R.E. Digest 362 entitled ‘Building Mortars’.

Product Downloads

Hydrated Lime technical spec sheet
Hydrated Lime Material Safety Datasheet
Hydrated Lime

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Typical mortar designations using Hydrated Lime are: 1 part Portland Cement : 2 parts Hydrated Lime : 9 parts building sand or 1 part Portland Cement : 1 part Hydrated Lime : 5 parts building sand depending on mortar strength required and durability and exposure conditions.