High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG)

A grout suitable for cable bolting must have some expansion to enhance bond and anchorage. It must provide protection to the bolts and cables in aggressive ground conditions, have an early gel time and achieve a rapid strength development for early support.

CBG-HPRG is specially formulated using cement, fillers and special additives to fulfil the above criteria.


With modern mining techniques slowly replacing the use of steel work with other means of support, the need for a high strength bolting grout becomes ever more prevalent.

It is well known that rock is relatively strong in compression and weak in tensile, shear and flexural strengths and often requires reinforcing. Further to this, excavated rock and coal surfaces often deteriorate on exposure. Bolting overlapping zones can safely and securely contain rock and coal within the vicinity of the bolts.

The effective anchorage and bonding to the rock by the roof bolts, cable bolts and dowels is achieved by grouting. Thus the selection of the right grout is of paramount importance.

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High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG) Brochure
High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG) technical spec sheet
High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG) Material Safety Datasheet
High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG)

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