General Purpose Construction Grout (Cemrok Easi Flow)

General Purpose Construction Grout is a non shrink, high strength cementitious grout comprising of low alkali high specific surface area Portland cements and other cementitious binders combined with high purity aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures to achieve high in service performance.

This grout has high flow characteristics to achieve penetration and levelling with no bleed and zero shrinkage when placed at 0.22 water solid ratio.


General Purpose Construction Grout has been specifically designed for anchor or base plate grouting, under machinery and stanchion plates, grouting rails and bridge bearings, fixing bolts, parapet rails etc. It can also be used in its plastic state as a bedding mortar.

Key Properties.

  • Equivalent Sodium Oxide is less than 3.0kg/m3.
  • High ultimate strength.
  • Shrinkage compensated.
  • Can be used for grouting sections up to 100mm thick.
  • Chloride free.
  • High fluidity – can be pumped or poured.

Product Downloads

General Purpose Construction Grout (Cemrok Easi Flow) technical spec sheet
General Purpose Construction Grout (Cemrok Easi Flow) Material Safety Datasheet
Declaration of Performance General Purpose Construction Grout (Cemrok Easi Flow)

Product Case Studies

The Leadenhall Building
General Purpose Construction Grout (Cemrok Easi Flow)

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The Leadenhall Building

The Leadenhall Building

Pozament have been providing our Ultra High Strength Construction Grout to London's latest eye-catching skyscraper. The requirement was for a high performance product that could be supplied in large quantities, quickly and efficiently, to a busy area at the heart of central London.

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