Technical concretes for construction and civil engineering

Introduction to the Pozament range of Concrete products

Pozament’s technical concretes for civil engineering offer enhanced performance where a high strength concrete or rapid set concrete is required. The range includes concretes designed for installation of pre-cast concrete sections including bedding concretes and grouting of vertical and horizontal joints between precast segments.

Our range of sprayed concrete solutions including dry spray concretes and wet spray concretes in low, moderate and high strengths, with polypropylene or steel fibre reinforcement and in both accelerated, and highly accelerated mixes. Pozament repair concretes enable fast, long lasting repairs of concrete structures of all types and comply with BS EN 1504 for both structural and non-structural repairs.

Our Concrete and Cement Range

Rapid set PQX Cement

Sprayed Concrete

Concrete for repairs

Pozament PQX Cement is a quick setting ultra-rapid hardening cement for use in producing concrete for the rapid construction repair or replacement of concrete roads, airfields or other concrete slabs where time is limited.

It offers ultra-rapid strength gain meaning that work can be completed in a narrow time window and reopened to traffic with minimum delays.

This helps to enhance productivity on planned maintenance, but also makes it a valuable solution for reactive emergency work.

Pozament’s Cemrok Dry and Wet Spray Concrete is available in low, moderate and high strengths and in standard, accelerated, and highly accelerated grades. Polypropylene or steel fibres can also be incorporated into the mix for additional reinforcement. This gives a range of wet spray concrete mixes including:

  • High strength wet spray concrete
  • Accelerated set wet sprayed concrete
  • Polypropylene fibre reinforced wet spray concrete
  • Steel fibre reinforced wet spray concrete

The Pozament range of repair concretes are designed for fast, long lasting repairs of concrete structures of all types.

Our range of high specification concrete repair products compliant with BS EN 1504 for both structural and non-structural repairs. Independent testing of the products includes compressive strength, adhesive bond strength, carbonation resistance, elastic modulus and thermal compatibility. The range, where required, carries the appropriate CE Mark and all products are designed to be easy to use and provide a long term repair.

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