Cempack D4

Cempack D4 is a pre-blended shrink compensated cementitious mortar. When mixed with water it produces a mortar that can be used to fill holes, gaps and voids in concrete structures.


Cempack D4 features rapid strength gain and high compressive strength and is specifically designed to pack and fill the holes made for the bolting sockets and supporting equipment when assembling pre-cast concrete sections, panels and structures. Shuttering is not necessary.

Cempack D4 can be used in gaps between 5 and 100mm for structural support.


  • Contains no chlorides
  • Shrinkage compensated – reduced risk of cracking, high bond strength
  • Single component – easy to use
  • Factory batched and quality controlled
  • Shuttering not required
  • High strength
  • Rapid strength gain

Product Downloads

Cempack D4 Brochure
Cempack D4 technical spec sheet
Cempack D4 Material Safety Datasheet
Cempack D4

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