Acrylic Primer

Acrylic Primer is a liquid, water based, styrene-butadiene polymer latex with high bond characteristics designed to give maximum penetration into the substrate in order to enhance the adhesion of Cemrok concrete repair mortars, Flooring screeds and underlayments or other cementitious based repair materials.


Acrylic Primer has been designed for use with Cemrok Concrete Repair Materials and Flooring  Products. It benefits the bonding of Cemrok Concrete Repair Mortars or other cement based materials to a variety of substrates. Acrylic Primer is also used for bonding and improving bond to cement based floor screeds.

Special Properties

  • Water based, non toxic and safe to use
  • Single component, easy to apply
  • Dramatically improves the adhesion/bonding of cementitious mixes
  • Ensures bond strengths typically in excess of 2.5N/mm2
  • Reduces suction from porous concrete – prevents rapid drying of applied material
  • Helps prevent air bubbling in pumpable screeds, maximising compressive strength
  • Confers resistance to sulphate attack

Product Downloads

Acrylic Primer technical spec sheet
Acrylic Primer Material Safety Datasheet
Acrylic Primer

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