Lightweight Screed Lightweight Screed A lightweight cement based screed, which provides weight saving and thermal insulation on floors and roofs. Hi-Flow Renovation Hi-Flow Renovation Used at thicknesses from 5mm to 50mm as an economic means of renovating existing interior floors prior to the installation of floor coverings. Hi-Flow Commercial Hi-Flow Commercial When laid at thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm Hi-Flow Commercial is suitable for use in commercial buildings. Hi-Flow Base Hi-Flow Base Designed as an underlayment to complement Hi-Flow Tuf-Top and provides an economic means of raising and smoothing industrial floors. Hi-Flow Tuf Top Hi-Flow Tuf Top When laid at thicknesses from 7mm to 20mm Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is suitable for use in warehouses or internal industrial situations. Truflow-B Truflow-B A pump or hand applied self-levelling synthetic anhydrite screed which is used for sub floor levelling. Cemscreed 1 Cemscreed 1 A specially formulated cement for the site batching of rapid setting and rapid drying floor screeds and is sufficiently dry to receive any type of floor covering in just 1 day. Cemscreed 5 Cemscreed 5 A special cement based binder which produces a rapid drying floor screed when mixed with graded aggregates and water. It is suitable for foot traffic after 12 hours and sufficiently dry to receive all types of floor covering after 5 days. Cemscreed Cemscreed Cemscreed is a special cement based binder for producing an early drying high strength floor screed when mixed with graded aggregates and water. Acrylic Primer Acrylic Primer An acrylic polymer in a water base, designed to give maximum penetration into existing substrate to enhance adhesion of cementitiious based materials. Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) A 2-Component epoxy DPM system suitable for a variety of applications.